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Item: 1517  Rookwood Pottery, "Southern Belle" Tea Tile, Trivet~~

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For Sale is a Very Beautiful Tile made by The Rookwood Pottery Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. The piece is called a "Tea Trivet" Tile. It is a very pleasant size as it measures 5 5/8" Square and is only 5/8" Tall.

The Tile Displays a very beautiful Southern Belle Lady in her Long Gown and Bonnet along with a Shawl wrapped around her shoulders. There are wonderful vivid pastel colors of Rose, Sage Green, Periwinkle Blue and Purples. These are against a background of a creamy matte white Glaze. The tile sits on 8 applied feet on the bottom. There are a lot of Glaze Colors in this Tile. I can count 8 different Glazes in it.

The piece is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The only issue to report is some minor peppering in the different glazes around the tile. This happens quite often with the Tea Trivet Tiles. When you put a much lighter colored tile in the oven after much darker items were in the oven beforehand the lighter glaze can pick up small pepper spots in the glaze. There is also a very minor glaze skip on the side of the tile. I have shown a picture of this. This does not hurt the Value what so ever.

The piece is signed with the Impressed Reverse RP Rookwood Pottery and Sunburst Logo along with the Roman Numerals "XX" for the year of manufacture, 1920. There is also the mold number "3070" impressed just below the date. This is a quality Tile made one of America's foremost Pottery Manufacturers of the early 20th Century. I'm quite sure the buyer will be very pleased with their Purchase!!