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Item: 2251  Bennington Toby Mug, Rockingham Brown Glaze, Excellent Condition~~

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For Sale is a wonderful piece of pottery made by Bennington Pottery of Bennington, VT. I have a "Toby Mug" or "Pitcher-Creamer". The Mug is a nice cabinet size as it stands 6 1/8" tall and is approximately 4 5/8" outside handle measurement. The rim measures 3" across and 3 1/4" deep and the open gets smaller as it gets closer to the spout.

The Pitcher has a wonderful Rockingham brown glaze that is uniform throughout. The Mug depicts a Colonial Patriot holding a mug of ale in his right hand and a pipe in his left hand. He is wearing tri-cornered hat that is used as a spout or pitcher. The handle is even equipped with a thumb rest. It has an Acanthus leaf pattern on it and the leaf rolls down the handle just below the thumb rest. The bottom has what we call a "Kick Up or Concave" bottom.

The Pitcher is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The piece is unsigned but it is a well documented form from Bennington Pottery. This Mug could be used to drink ale or beer from the side spouts and as a creamer pitcher for the front spout. It has a utilitarian use.

This is a wonderful Mug, Pitcher to find in this condition. Usually there is damage to the handle or chips to the spout. I am happy to report this Mug has none. That fact that it has survived 130-170 years without any damage is amazing!! This Mug, Pitcher will work just fine in any Early American or Colonial style decor. This pitcher was made in the mid 1800's, Circa 1840-1880.