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Item: 2999  Early Tiffany Favrile Decorated Art Glass Vase, Art Nouveau, Pulled Feathers

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For sale is very lovely piece of art glass made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The item is a flower vase and it is a very early one from Tiffany's Studio. This vase has some size to it as it stands 8 1/16" tall and is 4 1/2" at the shoulder. The top opening has a diameter of 2 13/16" outside measurements and a inside diameter of 1 3/4". The foot has a diameter of 2 5/16".

The vase depicts a very pleasing footed, tapered shoulder form. The piece starts with a round foot that rises up and tapers out to a high spot at the shoulder. The vase then comes in and the neck rises up to a flaring top lip. It is further decorated with wonderful Art Nouveau styled pulled feathers. These feathers are outlined in a mustard yellow border when turned show the brilliant iridescence within these borders. This decoration is set against a translucent pea green/bronze colored glass. This pulled feather decoration travels all the way to the top lip and also the bottom where it is pulled under the foot and to the edge of the center pontil.

This vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips or dings. There are the typical bubbles, inclusions and carbon deposits that are very typical with early Tiffany Favrile vessels. This vase is not perfectly symmetrical and the shape resembles the vases that were made in Middle East centuries ago. This is what inspired Louis Tiffany to blow glass.

The vase is properly signed with the counter clockwise etched script signature mark that reads "L.C.T. D84". It also has an an added bonus the original round paper label affixed to the bottom. The initials "TGDCO" are in the center and they are initials for "Tiffany Glass Decorating Company". Around the outside of these initials it reads " Tiffany Favrile Registered Trademark". This is set inside of a large round counter sunk pontil, the finishing sign of a quality piece of hand blown art glass. I can date this vase by this mark. It is considered very early Tiffany Corona Glass and was made circa 1895.

This is a quality piece of very early art glass made by Tiffany Studios, New York. This vessel was executed by a master glassblower and is just outstanding!! I could imagine that either Martin Bach Sr or Arthur Nash Sr blew it. They were both working in the Studios during this time period.