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Item: 1756  Marblehead Pottery, Blue Arts & Crafts Low Bowl, Nice Condition~~

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For Sale is a wonderful Arts and Crafts piece of Art Pottery made by The Marblehead Pottery Company of Marblehead, Massachusetts. The Shape is the very desirable Mission Shape Low Bowl or Planter. The Bowl Stands 1 5/8" tall and is 7 7/8" in diameter.

The Bowl or Planter is covered in a Smooth Speckled Indigo Glaze. This is also known as the infamous "Marblehead Blue Glaze". This is such a Pleasing Matt Blue Glaze and I can see why it was so popular during the day. The Inside displays a lighter Matt Robins Eggs Blue Waterproofing Glaze. The two tones of Blue look outstanding together.

The piece is considered to be in very good to excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There are a few areas inside the Bowl that show wear in the lighter blue glaze. You can feel the finger grooves on the inside corners as this was a hand thrown piece. The piece is signed on the bottom with the Impressed Ship Logo along with the Initials "M" and "P" on each side of the sails for "Marblehead Pottery". There is also a Paper Label as a added Bonus.

This is a very nice example of this form and Glaze. This is the Harder to Find Low Bowl as it is only 1 5/8" tall. They just don't make them any lower. I have only seen a handful of these in my 38+ years as a Collector/Dealer. I am quite sure the buyer will be happy with their purchase. It will look just wonderful for those decorating in the Arts and Crafts, Mission Style Decor. It would look outstanding on a Stickley Furniture Bookcase.

Marblehead Pottery was established in 1904 by Dr. Herbert J. Hall as a Studio Art Pottery in Marblehead, Massachusetts using the art and technique of ceramics manufacturing and decorating as a rehabilitation and therapeutic aid to local sanitarium patients at Hall's Devereux Mansion Sanitarium. Marblehead Pottery stopped producing Art Pottery in 1936. Marblehead Pottery was a small Pottery Company never employing more than 6 workers. Their Pottery is considered somewhat scare as compared to their Contemporaries of the day. The collectors that have collected their pieces rarely let them go.