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Item: 2118  Peters & Reed Art Pottery Vase, Chromal Scenic Landscape, Very Nice~~~

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For sale is a lovely piece of art pottery made by the Peters and Reed Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The shape is a Vase and it is the ever popular Chromal Scenic Landscape Line. The Vase has some size to it as it measures 8 1/2" tall and is 6" in diameter. The top opening measures 3 7/8" wide outside measurements.

The Vase depicts an abstract scenic pattern that consist of Greens, Blues, Browns and Beige Glaze Combinations. These colors are accented in away to depict Trees and Mountains off in the distant. The Vase has a Classic Ovoid Shape with a flaring rim. It sits on a round foot that is also part of the body. The Vase has substantial weight and is of top quality. This Line is not be confused with the Landsun line. The Chromal Ware is very abstract in design. The treatment is different from the Landsun pattern line with the color forming the scenes. There is no definition to the design, leaving the interpretation of the scene to the viewer's imagination. Also, Chromal scenes go up and down the ware in contrast to going around like the Landsun line.

The piece is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. The Vase shows minor signs of wear as it has been taken very good care of from previous owners. The piece is unsigned however it is guaranteed to be Vintage Peters and Reed from the Chromal Pattern Line. This line is a well documented line from The Peters and Reed Company. You can see the Red Clay that is synonymous with Peters and Reed Pottery under the 3 stilt marks on the bottom.

Peters and Reed Pottery (1897-1919) was bought out in 1920 and the name was changed to Zane Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio. They still produce some of the same styles as Peters and Reed. They changed from Red Clay to White Clay Products in 1926. Frank Ferrel designed this Line for Peters and Reed. He was employed there from 1906-1918. In 1918 he left Peters and Reed to work for Roseville Pottery.

This is known as shape number 53 in the Peters & Reed Catalog pages. This Vase was made Circa 1920-1925.