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Item: 2451  Grueby Pottery, Arts & Crafts Tulip Tile Trivet, Very Nice~~~

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For sale is a piece of art pottery made by The Grueby Pottery Company of Boston, Mass. The item is called a "Trivet Tile" and it is done in their desirable 3 color glaze. The Trivet frame measures 6 1/4" square with the tile itself measuring 6" square and is 1 3/8" tall. The outside of the feet diagonal measurement is 9 1/4" as these protrude out from the edge of the frame on the flat surface it will sit on.

The trivet has a nice low profile and it appears to be made of solid brass as a magnet does not stick to it. It sits on 4 flat bun style feet and it has been said these frames for the Trivet Tile were made by Tiffany Studios. This is a rumor and I have not seen any documentation that proves this. The tile displays a beautiful stylized tulip design done in a mustard matte yellow glaze that is attached to a matte green stem that rises up among the matte green curvy leaves, This is set against a deeper matte green background glaze. The stems and the leaves match and the 2 color of green with the mustard yellow gives this tile its third glaze color.

The trivet is considered to be in very good to excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings to the tile. There was some professional restoration done to the fill along side of the frame on the left hand side and at the top right area. This was restored because some of it had fallen out over the course of time. There was also a tiny surface glaze nick restored in the same top right area. The tile is not signed but it is a well documented tile by Grueby Pottery. It does have large letter "D C" written in green glaze and this was more than likely the artist cipher and do not not who that was.

This is a very desirable trivet tile and I'm sure the buyer will be quite pleased with it. Grueby Pottery has long been a favorite amongst the arts & crafts pottery collectors. Their pottery has proven to be a sound investment even in the toughest of times. This is a nice example and it will look just great on that Stickley, Mission, Arts and Crafts Style Cabinet, bookcase or Table.

Living just north of Boston has given me the opportunity to find some of the most unique matte green Grueby and Hampshire Pottery through the years. This piece is considered to be an early piece from Grueby Pottery and was made Circa 1899-1903.