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Item: 1627  Steuben Acid Cut Back Flowering Peonies, Jade/Alabaster

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For Sale is a wonderful piece of Art Glass blown by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. The item is a very hard to find Acid Cut Back Vase or ACB". This Pattern was one of Frederick Carder's favorite flowers depicting "Peonies". The Vase is very large as it stands 6 13/16" tall and is 8 1/8" in diameter. The Vase is an ovoid shape and it has a tapered swollen appearance.

The Vase displays an extremely beautiful floral pattern of "Japanese Tree Peonies" growing along their stems with leaves and unopened flower buds. The Base Glass is Alabaster with a Jade Green Glass over that. It is cut from the Green to Alabaster. These Acid Cut Back Vases are some of Frederick Carder's nicest examples of Art Glass that Steuben ever made. The detail in the Flowers, Leaves and Buds is simply outstanding! You can see the pistils in the Peonies and veining in the leaves. It has a nice wide mouth to accommodate a nice Flower arrangement.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There a few small scratches along the bottom on the Jade. This is very hard to see and can only be seen when held to the light at an angle. The bottom sides shows signs of some wear as there are scratches throughout and is consistent with its age. The Inside of the Vase is extremely clean and shows no signs of Calcium deposits. The piece is not signed on the bottom but there is no mistaken that this is Steuben. The Vase does display that counter sunk polished Pontil. The mark of a quality piece of Art Glass along with a fire polished top rim. This Vase is known as shape number "6078" in the Steuben Catalog pages. Those of you who are not sure this is Steuben, I will attach a link for you to view this shape on the Steuben Club Shape Website. Just because this is not signed does not mean it isn't Steuben. I see so many correct Steuben pieces with post Factory Signatures. You collectors should remember you are buying a Style and Technique of Glass created by Steuben and not a signature. A signature is only a selling point and nothing more than that!! We dealers have a saying, "It is was it is!!"

This is one of the Rarest forms to find in the Acid Cut Back Vases. You commonly see the "Matsu" Pattern Vase all time. You rarely see this Peony Version with the Jade on Alabaster. I was only able to document this form and pattern in this color combination being sold a few times in the past 10 Years. These are so beautiful the Collectors are very reluctant to them go.

Those of you whom Collect Steuben ACB Vases will surely welcome this wonderful Vase into your Collection. I'm sure the buyer will be extremely pleased with their purchase.

Here is the link to the shape in the Steuben Achieves. Click on or copy and paste highlighted link to the left into you browser.

This Vase was made Circa 1915-1925.