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Item: 1418  Loetz, Art Glass Master Salt, Finger Bowl, Green Lustre

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For Sale I have a wonderful Art Glass piece made by Loetz of Bohemia which is now the modern day "Czech Republic". I have a Rare and very hard to find Master Salt Ruffled Bowl or Ruffled Finger Bowl. The Bowl stands 1 1/4" tall and is 4 3/4" in diameter at its widest point.

The Master Salt displays a very nice Pea Green base glass. It is has an 8 Ruffled Border that is very similar to LCT Tiffany Favrile's Salts. It displays very nice detailed Swirl Ribs that start at the Pontil underneath and rise up to the top edge of the Salt. There are approximately 24 of these Swirling Ribs throughout the piece. The inside of the Bowl has brilliant iridescence. You can see beautiful hues of Platinum Blues, Purples and Fuchsia. The back side of the salt does not have any iridescence at all.

The Ruffled Master Salt or Finger Bowl is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. I see no signs of iridescence loss either. The piece is unsigned but it does have a counter sunk polished pontil, the Sign of Quality Art Glass. When I first came across this piece I thought it was Steuben's Jade Green but I knew of no Jade Green that was iridized. I conferred with my New York Art Glass friends and they all agree it is definitely Loetz as this was my second choice.

This is a quality piece of Art Glass that is considered Rare and not commonly found. I firmly believe Loetz created this item to compete against the Tiffany Favrile Salt Table Sets. There have been very few of these examples surfacing in the last 10 years and suspect there was a very limited production. I sure the lucky buyer will be delighted with their purchase. This piece was made circa 1895-1925.