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The Indian Splint Manufacturing Company Catalog

This furniture manufacturer had an interesting history and produced an interesting line of Arts and Crafts mission period furniture all recounted in a detailed, illustrated, scholarly Introduction by authors Jill and Michael Clark. Indian Splint furniture is mission style furniture that used woven ash or oak splints in the place of solid wood surfaces. Aesthetically, this furniture is very pleasing, ideally suited to an Adirondack or Upper Peninsula lodge. It offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional springs and leather mission furniture of most other manufacturers. In the words of the Indian Splint Manufacturing Company, If you are tired of the quickly tarnishing monotony of bamboo and willow, the unsanitary mustiness of upholstery, the cold shapelessness of springs and leather and its countless imitations, you will turn with delight to the cleanliness, strength, grace, and beauty of the Indian Splint Furniture. It is a combination of the old and the new that contains only good. There is no shabby-old-age for Indian Splint Furniture. This is a book that you should experience. 96 pp.


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