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Bay Area Copper, 1900-1950, Dirk van Erp & His Influence - Catalog Book

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Dirk van Erp was arguably the greatest coppersmith of the American Arts & Crafts movement. This scholarly book was published in 2012 to accompany an exhibition of the work of Dirk van Erp and other Bay Area coppersmiths held in Oakland, California. The book is based almost entirely on primary source material using period newspaper articles, census data, and museum archives. The text is accompanied by many color photographs and illustrations. Besides an exhaustive treatment of Dirk van Erp, the book covers such other metalsmiths as Harry St. John Dixon, D'Arcy Gaw (Dirk van Erp's first partner in San Francisco), August Tiesselinck (Dirk van Erp's nephew), Dirk van Erp's children, William and Agatha van Erp, Lillian Palmer, Hans Jauchen and Old Mission Kopper Kraft, and several others. Profusely illustrated with 100's of period black & white and more recent color photos. A great research reference to California, Bay Area metalware and artists. Softcover, 117 pp