Antique Appraisal

   I am nationally recognized as an expert in my specialized field of antique lighting, circa 1900-1940. Whether you need an antique appraisal for insurance valuation, inheritance values or personal reasons, single items or an entire estate, you will find that my appraisal rates are flexible and reasonable.

Antique Authentication

   Over the past few years, fakes and forgeries have become a problem when buying. Whether you are considering a purchase of antique lighting or have already made one, now more than ever, authentication is very important. Here, I offer an important service for the collector. For a fee, I can arrange to see and assess your items of concern. In many cases, digital photos may be enough for me to authenticate your item.

Brokerage of Antiques

   I have helped many collectors to assemble or liquidate their collections with knowledge and expertise. Knowing where and when can be crucial in both purchasing and selling. I work with many dealers, auctioneers and collectors, throughout the country, to create the best possible outcome for the seller. I am available to buy or sell, as a broker, if that is where you are most comfortable. My rates are reasonable and are based on your specific goals and needs.

Jack Papadinis
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