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Grueby Pottery, Blue Gray Oatmeal Gray Oatmeal Glaze Vase, Arts + Crack Floral Design, Nice~~~

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For sale is a wonderful arts and crafts shaped vase made by The Grueby Pottery Company of Boston, Ma. The vase is a wide mouth vessel that is quite impressive in size. The vase measures 8 3/8" tall and is 7" in diameter at the widest part. The opening is 4 1/2" in diameter at the inner neck of the vessel and 5 1/2" at the outer rim. The base of the vase measures 4 1/4" wide.

The vase displays a swollen shoulder shape that has a wonderful gloppy, thick oatmeal glaze that is slate blue gray. There are incised long grass like leaves that start at the base and rise up to the shoulder of the vessel. There is also a Crocus in a soft white glaze among the incised leaves. These flowers are raised and this is a three repeat pattern. The top has a wide opening to put a beautiful bouquet of flowers in, preferably white or cream to really make a statement. This Grueby vase has an outstanding matte blue gray oatmeal textured glaze that is drippy and loaded with character. The drip of the glaze goes from the top of the vessel to the bottom on the majority of the piece however there are two areas where the glaze is an inch or so from the bottom. This area has a curdled appearance that has stronger hints of blue than the upper portion of the vessel.

The vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips or dings. There are some grinding chips to the inner foot ring but are insignificant as they do not show when displayed. It is signed with the circular impressed mark which reads "GRUEBY . POTTERY . BOSTON . U.S.A." with a Lotus Leaf impressed in the middle. It is also signed with the incised conjoined letters "ER" whom is unknown. I have had many Grueby Pottery vases signed as such, at least 20. I feel it could possibly be Ruth Erickson and she was signing her name like this for a short period of time. The are by far to may pots out there with these initials and they always seem to be on the carved leaves pieces. Finally, it is also has an incised into the clay the date of "7/20/07" This is an added bonus for the buyer of this fine example of Grueby Pottery as we have the exact date when then vase was made.

This is a wonderful piece of art pottery is done in a beautiful and not so commonly found Grueby glaze. I'm quite sure the buyer will be very pleased with their purchase. This is truly a unique example.


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Go to Clements Antiques of New Hampshire's website.

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