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Legras, Cameo Acid Etched Enameled Scenic Vase, Tall, Nice Coloring, Quality~~~

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For sale is a beautiful piece of Art Glass made by Legras of Paris, France. This is a beautifully acid etched cameo enameled vase. The vase has some size to is as it stands just shy of 10" tall at 9 15/16" and is approximately 4 5/8" in diameter at the bottom bulge. The opening at the top of the vase is 2 11/16" outside diameter.

The vase has a cylinder shape with a flared bottom. The vase depicts a wonderful pattern of an acid etched forest, mountain and lake scene. There are tall pine trees in brown tones set against a background of a blue lake with green islands and mountains in the background. The background of the vase has pink hues at the bottom and top which resembles the morning mist. The detail is just wonderful. The pattern is a continuous scene with no detection of the beginning or end. The entire vase is decorated.

The vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. This vase has a countersunk polished pontil and fire polished top lip. This is the sign of a quality piece of art glass. The vase is signed "Legras" in a acid cut cipher along the front lower section.

This pattern in this form with this amount of coloring and detail is hard to find. This vase is similar to those made by one of their contemporary's of the day, Daum and Galle'. If this vase was made by Daum or Galle' it would be worth $3000-$5000. These were made to be able to be owned by the middle class. This vase was made circa 1900-1915.

This is a brief History of Legras

In 1864 Auguste Legras took over the St. Denis glass works and founded Legras. He was already an experienced glass maker, and began producing a massive amount of glass in many commercial types and styles. The company was soon very successful. It was profitable enough for the family to take over the established Pantin glass works in 1897. Somewhere around 1900, possibly at the great Paris Exhibition, Legras discovered Emile Galle, and Legras decided to seriously concentrate on producing Art Nouveau style glass, both Cameos like Galle and a wide range of other techniques. In 1909 Auguste retired and the company was taken over by his son Charles, who quickly started to focus on the early scent bottles being designed by Rene Lalique for Coty, getting a contract to produce some early ones before Rene Lalique was fully geared up to produce them. Like most French Glass makers, the Legras works closed between 1914 and 1919. After 1919 they quickly identified the need to move to Art Deco style production. Legras produced quite a range of different and original art glass. However a significant part of their production followed the styles of Galle, Daum, Moser, Rene Lalique, Schneider, etc. Sometime in the late 1920s, Legras' production of art glass effectively ceased.


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