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Tiffany Studios, Double Arm Student Lamp w Quezal Blue Hooked Feather Shades~~~

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For sale is a wonderful two light table lamp made by Tiffany Studios, New York. This lamp is a great size for a desk lamp. The lamp is tall as it stands 19 1/2" tall and is 16 3/4" wide to the outside bottom of each shade. The foot has a diameter of 5 7/8".

This table lamp displays a graceful double arm design done in the Craftsman style with a wonderful deep brown and Verdi green patina. These type lamps are sometimes called "Student Lamps". The base consists of a bronze round foot with an incised pattern of what looks like Arrowroot growing vertically along the bottom side of the base. There are 2 different heights of this Arrowroot. There is a bronze knuckle that sits on top of the foot that has a small cylindrical bronze rod or pole in the center and it risers up to a cluster body. There are two arms that come off this body and the same size pipe in the pole is also used in these arms that extend up and drop over. This gives the lamp great balance. At the end of these arms are Tiffany signature shaped bell fitter sockets with 3 ball fitter screws to hold the shade.The fitter holder is vented as to allow heat from the light bulb to escape. There is a flat paddle switch in each socket and are original to the bell fitter. The paddle switch interiors are signed GeCo on the paddles themselves and each socket interior has a mica insulator, signifying an early table lamp. To finish the base off, it has a nice size bronze riser coming out of the cluster body with a decorative bronze finial that looks like a gear. You can unscrew this finial and remove the cluster body with the 2 arms so it can be shipped efficiently.

This is a wonderfully engineered table lamp for its time. It has great features such as you can adjust the height of the shades by turning the adjustment knob on the pole. You can raise and lower it to any height. You can also turn the arms a full 360 degrees in either direction without the wire popping out around the pole. Tiffany actually designed this with a round metal eye attached to the knuckle and ran the lamp wire through the eye and up and through a round port in the side of the cluster body. When you turn the lamp left and right it keeps the wire nice and neat along the pole. Typically the wire would come through the side of the bottom base but you would not have these features if it was done this way. The lamp is further decorated with 2 original Quezal blue hooked feather art glass lighting shades. These shades each stand approximately 5 1/2" tall and 4 5/8" in diameter. They are ruffled with 6 ruffles that resemble a flower when looking straight into them. These are a nice blue over a calcite white body with gold iridescent Favrile, Aurene interior. The outline of the blue hooked feathers is also done in gold iridescence.

The base and shades are considered to be in excellent condition. The base is in great condition and I see no issues to report. It has been professionally rewired and tested. It still retains it original lighting plug. The shades are equally as nice as the only issue is a very minor flea flake along the top fitter area on 1 shade. This is quite minor and pictured. The base is signed with the "Tiffany Studios New York" impressed mark. The shades are each signed "Quezal" in the neck of the shades. This is a quality lamp and it is married with beautiful shades. If these were Tiffany shades my price would be substantially higher. I am still looking for a pair of Tiffany shades that will work with this lamp if anyone has some. Please contact me. In the meantime I am offering to the collector market as you see it.

This is not a commonly found Tiffany Studios base. You can find the 1 light base in this pattern fairly easily. The double arm version does not pop up all that often. James Julia Auctions sold this same style base with 2 Tiffany Gold Tulip shades for $7110 plus shipping back in June 2014. I feel these decorated Quezal shades are just as valuable as the plain gold but present themselves much better. In fact Quezal 2 1/4" shades many of them bring much higher prices than Tiffany. I would say that the base was made circa 1900-1910 and the shades were made circa 1902-1910.


I will disassemble the arms from the base when I pack and ship this lamp. The base will be wrapped and the double arms will be wrapped separately being joined together by the wire. The base will be packed on the bottom and the shades will be on top with a cardboard separator. I will ship in 1 box, double boxed to keep the cost down. Typically I ship a base in 1 box and the shades in another. The design of this base allows me to pack it this way. I know I will be charged dimensional weight as I am shipping from the furthest zone here in New Hampshire. I have found my shipping cost to be accurate because of this and the materials we use to pack and ship lamps successfully.


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Go to Clements Antiques of New Hampshire's website.

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