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Wilkinson Panel Overlay Lamp, Very LG Shade & Tall Base, Art Nouveau, Victorian~~~

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For sale is a very large table lamp made by the Wilkinson Company of Brooklyn, New York. This type lamp is called Panel Overlay Lamp and it is done in a wonderful Victorian style. This lamp is very tall as it stands 27 7/8" tall to the very top of the finial and the bottom of the base has a diameter of 8". The shade has a diameter of 21 1/4" and is 8 1/2" deep of the lamp base.

This lamp has a Victorian and Art Nouveau flair to it. The shade is octagonal or 8 sided. It has 8 large honey caramel slag glass slumped or bent glass panels. The lower skirt has 8 rectangular flat green brown ripple or granite back glass that we call avocado green. The overlay pattern has a perforated Fleur de Lis with two classic Grecian columns that covers the entire length on the left and right side of each top panel. There is a smaller Fleur de Lis in between them at the bottom. The of the panel is further adorned with a garland of flowers that drapes from panel to panel. This large shade sits on a 4 light antique gold patina spun brass lamp base. The 4 round ball pulls chain sockets work just fine and are all original to the base. It was recently rewired by a professional and tested. This simple and plain spun base by Wilkinson really compliments the top shade as it doesn't draw the attention the shade brings because of its ornateness.

The base and shade are considered to be in very good to excellent condition. The base shows wear to the patina and it adds character to the lamp. The shade is near perfect as there is no broken, cracked, or restored glass. There is minor overlay pieces missing but nothing to obtrusive or even noticeable. The shade and base are not signed but you can document the lamp base as it is pictured in Paul Crist's "Mosaic Lamp" book. This same style of base is on page 243. That one is a 3 light and this one is a 4 light and the first time in 43 years I have found one in a 4 light. I would consider the 4 light model to be quite rare.

The lamp base has all its original parts with the exception of the newly rewired gold rayon lamp cord. Even the plug is original to the base. The base is signed with the number "806" in raised relief. You can see the 4 round circular indents in the bottom. These 4 circular mark are as good as a signature. You will find these circular marks on most Wilkinson Company lamp bases. Another identifying feature is the locking cap setup that the shade fits on. The cap has 2 pins on each side and when you set the shade on the cap you have to turn it until it drops into the channel and once it does that you turn it so it cannot be easily lifted off the base. This locking mechanism was a Wilkinson trademark. So here you have documentation of the shade and lamp base.

This is not a commonly found Wilkinson overlay panel in this size. I have included a picture of an ad placed by Wilkinson Lamp of Brooklyn New York with a different base. This is further proof of its authentication. This is an impressive lamp and I'm quite sure the buyer will be very pleased with their purchase. This table lamp was made circa 1910-1915 as The Wilkinson Lamp Company was only in business for 5 short years.


The shade weighs 14 lbs 2 oz and the base weighs 12 lbs 12 ozs. The entire lamp weighs almost 27 pounds before boxing.


Purchase/Need more information? Please email the vendor.

Go to Clements Antiques of New Hampshire's website.

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