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Tiffany Studios, Bookmark, Rare Acid Etched Green Poly Chrome Bookends, Nice~~

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For sale is a rare set of bookends made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The bookends are quite solid and heavy. They each stand approximately 6" tall, 4 3/4" wide and the tongue is 4 7/8" deep. This patina is known as a statuary bronze acid etched finish.

The Bookmark pattern features the use of typographical marks of early printers and publishers using high and low relief as a nice contrast. The low relief in these area is done in a green poly chrome. The bookends have a very nice finish of acid etching on metal. Tiffany used different sizes for the etched flakes. This one is the smallest of the flakes. This lot consists of 2 bookends with an acid etched small flake finish. This finish is on both sides of the bookends.

These bookends are considered to be in excellent condition as the only issues to report is some darker spots on both sides on the Tongues. This can probably be cleaned but I will leave that up to the new owner. The original statuary bronze patina is considered to be excellent!! The bookends are signed on the outer top edge of the tongue with the impressed "Tiffany Studios New York" signature. There is also the pattern number of "1056" impressed as well. The bottom is covered in a mustard brown felt that appears to have been put on so it wouldn't scratch the bookcase surface 100 years ago. The felt looks to be of the period.

This will make a wonderful addition to those collecting desk set pieces made by L.C.T. Tiffany Studios especially in dark acid small flake etched Bookmark pattern. Bookends are very rare in any pattern. Bookmark is one of the rarest patterns to collect in the Tiffany desk set patterns. These are absolutely one of the nicest pair of Tiffany bookends that we have had the privilege to offer.

A set of these sold for $3450 at James Julia Auctions in the fall of 2007. This set is in as good condition as the ones Julia sold. These bookends will work with an Arts & Crafts Style decor as well. These Bookends were made circa 1902-1907. Tiffany started using a 3 digit pattern number after 1902.


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