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Steuben, Blue Aurene, Tapered Magnum Size, Beautiful Blue Iridescence~~~

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For sale is a large art glass vase made by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. This vase is done in Frederick Carder's most highly sought after and collected Blue Aurene style of art glass. I call this a large magnum vase because of its size. The correct classification would be considered a "Tapered swollen shoulder vase". The vase is rather large as it stands 8 3/16" tall and has a diameter of 7 3/4" at the shoulder. The top inside opening has a diameter of 3 1/8" and an outside one of 4 1/2". The bottom or foot of the vase is 3 7/8" in diameter. The circumference of the vase at the shoulder is an amazing 24 1/2".

The base glass of this vase is a cobalt blue. The blue iridescence or luster is just unbelievable!! My camera cannot pick up the brightness of the blue as the light reflects so strongly off of it. You can see beautiful hues of Gold's and Purples within the Iridescence. The gold highlights in the neck and top lip area is subtle and sweet. The brilliant blue iridescence on the vessel is simply outstanding!! The peacock blue iridescence at the bottom displays one of the prettiest I have ever seen on a Steuben Blue Aurene vase. This vase looks like it was made of metal because of its highly reflective surface, yet it is so fragile as it is really glass. This is a large piece of art glass and was considered to be extremely difficult to blow and keeps its shape simply because of its size.

The vase is considered to be in very good to excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings to the piece. There are a few minor scratches in the iridescence around the vase but nothing that is considered obtrusive. There is 1 thin scratch that is horizontal and it is pictured. It looks bigger than they actually are as my camera is 15X Zoom. The bottom outer edge shows very minor wear along the outer edge. The vase has a counter sunk polished pontil, the finishing sign of quality art glass. The piece is signed on the bottom outer edge that reads "Steuben" in their etched signature mark on the glass. This is known as shape number 2683 in the Steuben catalog pages.

You can tell always tell Steuben's Blue Aurene from Tiffany's Blue Favrile as Steuben's texture of the glass is very smooth like a baby's butt and the Tiffany Blue Favrile has a rougher texture. Purchase with confidence as quality art glass especially of this size is becoming harder and harder to find in good condition. Steuben's Aurene was registered in 1904, and ceased production in 1932.

This is a very nice example of Steuben's Blue Aurene in both form and iridescence. There were 6 sizes made and this is the middle or 4th largest size of this shape number. I will attach a link for you to view this shape from their archives. The one in the archives is the next size up in this shape. This vase is guaranteed to be made by Steuben Glass. This vase was made circa 1915-1925. Click on or copy and paste into address browser to access archive of shape


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