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Tiffany Studios, Grapevine Postage Scale, Green Glass, Outstanding Patina, Nice~~~

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For sale is one of the rarest of the desk set items to be found and it is made by Tiffany Studios of New York, New York. The item is a "Postage Scale" and it is done in the "Grapevine" desk set pattern. The patina on the metal is the most desirable green/brown/red. The stained glass is the green/white opalescent Favrile glass. The postage scale stands 3 1/4" tall, 1 7/8" wide and 3 1/16" deep. The round platform on the top is 1 7/8" in diameter.

This postage scale displays an acid etched grapevine overlay pattern on green/white opalescent glass surrounding three sides of the scale. The left, right and back. The top round disk that held the letter even has this acid etched pattern as well as the top plate of the scale underneath that. The front has a postage scale label with its weight measures and rates in the front. It is marked Crescent postal scale and has 3 dates with the latest date being January 31st 1899 in the lower right hand corner. The mechanism was made by Crescent but the acid etched pattern and metal along with the patina was done by Tiffany Studios. This is one the hardest items to find in the Grapevine desk set items along with the magnifying glass. This happens to be one the most desirable and rarest of the Tiffany Studios Grapevine desk set pieces to acquire. The patina just doesn't get any better than this and shows minor signs of wear.

The postage scale is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, or chips to any of the glass. The only issue is a few minor ink stains. The postage scale is signed on the bottom underside with the "Tiffany Studios New York" impressed mark along with the pattern number "872". There is also the number "684" lightly scratched above the mark. This was more than likely a special order number.

This is a an extremely nice Postage scale in unbelievable condition. When these are found there is usually some kind of damage to the glass or extreme wear to the printed rates on the front. I am very happy to report that this one has "No Cracked Glass" and minor wear to the postal rates!!

I believe the Grapevine desk set pattern to have been the first of the fancy goods product lines made at Tiffany Studios. Those of you who are looking for an excellent example of the Postage Scale in the Grapevine pattern will be delighted with their purchase. Tiffany started using a 3 digit numbering system after 1902. Since this Postage Scale has a 3 digit number it was made circa 1902-1915.

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Go to Clements Antiques of New Hampshire's website.

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