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Unique Leaded Glass 16" Periwinkle Table Lamp, Deep Skirted Border, Very Early~~~

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For sale is a wonderful antique leaded glass table lamp by made by The Unique Art Glass and Metal Company of Brooklyn, New York. The lamp is a nice desk size as it stands 23" tall to the top of the finial and the shade has a diameter of 16 1/8". The foot of the base has a diameter of 7 1/2" with the bulge just above that at 7 7/8".

This leaded glass copper foiled stained glass shade displays a wonderful floral pattern on a geometric background. The pattern is called "Periwinkle" and the bronze base it sits on carries the same name. The background glass is a caramel avocado opalescent slag glass. The Periwinkle pattern is nestled inside of a band that comes to the edge of the shade at the deep skirt. The colors are rich and the solder lines are some of the thinnest I have ever seen on a Unique shade. The flowers are done in a pink/white opalescent glass with yellow centers. They are surrounded by leaves of 2 different hues of green glass. Typically when this pattern is found there are fewer pieces in the band and only 2 rows in the skirt. This shade is real early as it has 4 rows in the skirt and many more pieces in the band. The background glass is colored and shaded as you can see. The glass cutter did a great job of transitioning from a beige avocado to a deeper green avocado at the base of the top geometric rows and also the bottom 4 rows. You can clearly see this when the shade is not lit. The inside of the shade still retains its price tag looped hook to hand a price tag from.

The shades sits on a wheel that is mounted to a 3 light "Periwinkle" bronze base. The base has a wonderful craftsman brown patina. The sockets are all signed Hubbell and the 3 round ball pull chains are in working order. It has been recently rewired and tested by a professional.

This lamp is considered to be in very good condition to excellent condition as there might be 1 tight crack in the shade. I looked and couldn't find one. The base shows some patina wear and the heat cap has a few dings from being dropped in its lifetime. This is pictured and of no consequence to value on the lamp. The lamp is not signed but the pattern and base are well documented. You can see a similar version in Paul Crist's book mosaic shades on page 74 top left. My example is the same base and heat cap but the shade pattern is different as discussed above. This table lamp has been recently rewired with brown rayon cord like the antique cord. This lamp is 100% original right down to the plug with the exception of the brown rayon lamp cord.

This is a quality early table lamp made by one the finer Tiffany or leaded glass lamp manufacturers of the era. Unique Lamp competed against Tiffany Studios, Duffner & Kimberly, Wilkinson, J.A. Whaley and Handel table lamps for their share in the market place. Their quality was as good a J.A. Whaley and Handel leaded lamps. They were one of the first to have started making copper foiled leaded glass shades back in 1903. They made lighting till the great depression. You will be hard pressed to find another Unique in this exact design. This is a very early pattern and very few of these shades were made.

Tiffany Studios held the Bray patent exclusively until 1903. They bought the rights in 1898 and held the right to exclusively make copper foil shades till late 1903. They had a 5 year jump on all their competitors!! Unique was one of the first competitors to enter into the market in late 1903 and vie for their share. This table lamp would look outstanding on any arts and crafts style bookcase or desk. It would look wonderful in a mission style decor as well. This lamp was made circa 1903-1906.


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