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LCT Tiffany Favrile, Decorated King Tut, Damascene Vase, Gold on Blue, Beautiful

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For sale is a beautifully decorated art glass vase made by Tiffany Studios, New York, NY. The vase is known as a "King Tut" and sometimes called a "Damascene" vase. It is a nice cabinet size as it stands 5 1/2" tall and is 4 1/8" in diameter at the waist. The foot has a diameter of 2 1/16".

The vase displays a swollen lower section that has a waist. The vase rises up and tapers in from the waist to a narrow neck. The top of the vase flairs out slightly and has a fire polished rolled top rim. The top of the vessel looks similar to a volcano form. The form is further decorated with what we call a King Tut Damascene style decoration. This decoration was used on many of Tiffany's 7" and 10" art glass lighting shades. They have proven to be quite valuable as well. The same goes for this vase as finding this pattern in a vase is considered quite rare. The pattern has that wavy effect associated with the Damascene style and a gold iridescent overtone. The is set against a Peacock Blue body or base glass.

The vase is considered to be in very good to excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There are a few manufacturing nuances and a manufacturing line across a section of the waist on the back side. This is not damage as it was made this way and pictured. I have looked at it very carefully with a jewelers loop and can say this with authority.

Those of you who collect Tiffany Favrile vases and want a unique example in both form and decoration will welcome this rare and fine pattern into your collection. The vase is signed with the etched signature mark on the bottom that reads "L.C. Tiffany-Favrile 2402 B". There are also the numbers "1060" also etched and more than likely is the special order number. There is also the letters "L.C.T." lightly etched just outside the counter sunk polished pontil. The finishing sign of a quality piece of art glass. These initials are for "Louis Comfort Tiffany". I can date this vase based on this B suffix signature mark.

This vase was made circa 1907.

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Go to Clements Antiques of New Hampshire's website.

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